September 30, 2022

Entry Fee: 3800

5th Oyeee X Best Breeders Grooming Challenge

If we reach 100 slots,
Grand Champion: 100,000
7 Line Champion: 5,000 each

We will be getting TOP GRADES and POTENTIAL fishes from each farm (20pcs each farm)

Participating Farms/Breeders
– A Mac Island Borns
– GP Goldfish Mumu Line
– Big Scales Farm
– San Goldfish
– House of Gaga
– Fish Tito
– Crescent Fins Unlimited

Picking Rule:
Random with 1 chance to repick before shipping

Entry Fee: 3800

Judging Information

Judging Type: Online Judging

Awards and Prizes

Grand Champion 100,000
7 Line Champion 5,000 Each

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