July 1, 2022

4th A-mac Island Borns Grooming Challenge

Entry Fee: 1800

A-Mac Island Born

4th A-mac Island Borns Grooming Challenge


Number of Slots: 50

Grooming Duration : 90


Online Picking

Event Organizers

Entry Fee: 1800

Judging Information

Judging Type: Online Judging

Awards and Prizes

A-Mac Island Born Champion ₱10000 + Trophy
1st Runner Up ₱8000 + Trophy
2nd Runner Up ₱5000 + Trophy
3rd Runner Up ₱3000 + Trophy
Biggest Goldfish ₱1000 + Trophy
Smallest Goldfish ₱1000 + Trophy
Best in Calico Trophy
Best in Kirin Trophy
Best in Black Trophy
ZGKS Choice Award Trophy
AMAC Choice Award Trophy

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