August 2022

Battle of Calico Kirin

Entry Fee: 1300

Battle of Calico Kirin

RJ Goldfish 1st Growth Out Challenge


Number of Slots: 50

Grooming Duration : 90


Event Organizers

Entry Fee: 1300


Lactobac Probiotics
Red Orchid Astaxanthin
Hofu 100g

Judging Information

Judging Type: Online Judging

Awards and Prizes

Champion Trophy + Cash + Certificate
1st Trophy + Cash + Certificate
2nd Trophy + Cash + Certificate
3rd Trophy + Cash + Certificate
4th Tank (4 ft) or Cash + Certificate
5th Tank (4 ft) or Cash + Certificate
6th (Tank) 24x12x12 + Certificate
7th (Tank) 24x12x12 + Certificate
8th (Tank) 24x12x12 + Certificate
9th (Tank) 24x12x12 + Certificate
10th (Tank) 24x12x12 + Certificate

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