October 8, 2022

1st Grooming Challenge

Entry Fee: β‚±2500

Outset Hub 1st Grooming Challenge


Battle of Shogun Shortail

Import X Import Shogun Shortail Oranda

Short Tail Oranda

Number of Slots: 50

Grooming Duration : 90



Event Organizers

This will not be an ordinary GO, their will be suprize awards and special raffles along the way during submissions of updates.

First 10 to pay will get a chance to win 1 Potential Shogun Shortail Oranda.

We are also welcome for sponsors.

Happy Fish Keeping To AllπŸŸπŸ˜‰
For more details just contact us anytime.

Entry Fee: β‚±2500



Registration includes Quality Shortail Shogun Oranda, Tshirt and E-cert.


Judging Information

Judging Type: Online Judging


Awards and Prizes

Champion 15K + Trophy
1st Runner Up 10K + Trophy
2nd Runner Up 5K + Trophy
BOS Trophy
Biggest Fish Trophy
Smallest Fish Trophy
Peoples Choice Award Trophy

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