November 1st or 2nd week


Entry Fee: 1800


A 90 Day Grooming Challenge

Red White Lover


Number of Slots: 30

Grooming Duration : 90


Online Picking

Event Organizers

Yes, you heard it right. I call on my co-hobbyists and fellow groomers to support the contest that I will be hosting. This is an open event for all newbies, seasonal groomers, and veteran groomers.

I just want to remind everyone that this is a Friendly Competition and that, this is an exciting opportunity for all fellow enthusiasts, especially beginners, to participate in an Online Goldfish Grooming Contest and to Showcase or Exhibit their Best-Groomed fish. As I have observed and heard from my co-groomers, they have lost their passion for this art/hobby. That is why I encourage you all to join and support my G.O event in the hopes that your passion for Grooming returns with a burning desire to continue with this art/hobby. (DASIG MGA KA HOBBY)

My goal is to strengthen, promote, and encourage my fellow hobbyist, and as newbies to quality goldfish keeping, this event would be an excellent place to begin their journey in raising the level of goldfish keeping.


Entry Fee: 1800


All participants will receive 1 event shirt,100g PowerUp Pellets, 1 quality fish, and an e-certificate.

Payment Information

For more inquiries, just message my official account of Brylle Andre for faster response.

Contact Information

Address Information

M. Calo st. Purok Mangga Barangay 6 860,


Agusan del Norte

Judging Information

Judging Type: Online Judging

Awards and Prizes

Champion ₱ 20,000 + Trophy
Power Up Pellets Choice Award Cash + Trophy
Additional Notes:

The criteria for judging.

35% overall look (excluding anal fin)
20% Deportment
20% Body
10% Head
5% Color
5% Dorsal
5% Caudal

Note: Anal fin will not be included in the judging.


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