June 15, 2022

1st House of Gaga Goldfish Show

1st House of Gaga Goldfish Show

Online Show for a Cause

June 15, 2022

Event Organizers

Online Show

Come and join the 1st House of Gaga Online Show with a CAUSE and Purpose!

Accepting of Videos for Entries: June 15 – 25, 2022
Judging: July 1, 2022 until the Final Results of the Judges

A. Send The Receipt of PAYMENT And a picture of your fish

  • Measuring its size using A ruler.
  • Followed by the video of your Fish tru VIBER.

B. Use a 18x12x12 or 24x12x12 Size of the tank.

  • Blue background or clear background with proper lighting.
  • No stickers or any marks on the tank.
  • On the upper Left Hand Side of the tank put in the following:
    Name: Initials (Example : EFE,WGD and TNT)
    Size: Small, Medium, Large and Jumbo

C. Atleast 1 minute video duration. Video must be on a steady manner.

D. Video editing is prohibited.

For more information, visit this Facebook post


Fish SizingSize
Small 4 cm - 6 cm
Medium 6.1 cm - 9 cm
Large 9.1 cm - 11 cm
Jumbo 11.1 cm & Above

Entry Fees

Entry FeeInfo
₱300 All Sizes

Payment Information

GCash – 09051725823, Wilfred D.
Union Bank account: 1093 2132 1931 (Wilfred G. de Leon Jr.)

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